Pipe organs, like any other musical instrument, require periodic tuning and adjustment.  Instruments that are well maintained last longer, sound better and are more reliable from year to year.  Our technicians are trained to keep the organs in our care working optimally with regular service visits.  The frequency of service visits depends upon the nature of the instrument and the needs of the client.  Quarterly (seasonal) visits are ideal, although fewer visits can suffice if necessary.

On the typical service visit we attend to the minor mechanical adjustments that need to be made and tune the pipework as well.  We inspect the organ blower machinery and check for anything out of the ordinary in the organ’s environment.  Our company maintains an automatic scheduling system that keeps track of visits that come due; we send a notice card to the client in advance of the visit so that everyone is prepared.

Sometimes a pipe organ may develop a problem at an inopportune time.  When this happens, we pride ourselves on being quick to respond to the emergency.  The doctor is always “in”!

We treat every instrument as if it were our own, taking a proprietary interest in the well-being of the organs we service.  Our service rates are competitive with any other professional maintenance company.

If you have a pipe organ that needs regular service, we would be pleased to provide that attention.